As mentioned in this previous blog post, the data infrastructure team started looking for Redshift alternatives for Pocket Gems’ data warehouse solution. This post will go through a comparative analysis of three popular ones: Redshift, BigQuery, and Snowflake.


After realizing that AWS Redshift wasn’t optimal for our use case, we decided to measure performance across other available solutions. At Pocket Gems, it’s important to make games that our players love. A big part of this is to examine our games’ performance data, including each one’s crash report, fps, latency, player engagement, etc. …

Back in 2013, as Pocket Gems’ data-analytics need was growing, we decided to migrate our database to the AWS Redshift. Now, almost 6 years later, our requirements continue to grow, with nearly 20TB+ data growth every month and hundreds of charts, dashboards, data modeling, scheduled analyses, and tools. Based on our experiences with Redshift, here is a summary of Redshift as a cloud data warehouse.

The Good

Cheap and Flexible Pricing Model

Redshift is cheap (you can start off with <1$ per hour cluster). AWS provides both on-demand and reserved pricing models for Redshift. If you only need to run your analyses infrequently on static data, the…

Many of us go through several transitions during our careers, each with its challenges and opportunities. Just because you did well in your previous position doesn’t guarantee success in your current one. My focus is targeted towards leadership roles, but the points discussed here apply to non-leadership roles as well.

Know Your Manager

In almost every company, your boss is your connecting point to upper management and can either be a great resource or an impediment to your goals. Making an ally out of your boss will ensure you have creative independence, resources, and guidance needed to succeed.

The first thing you should…

Building a game that a player loves is incredibly hard. However, running and evolving the game regularly, that a player still loves after 3–4 years, is even more challenging. You need to be able to iterate fast without sacrificing the stability of the system. Bugs can be the death of a game!

This post will go over various challenges we faced and how we mitigated them by continually iterating on our tools.

Pocket Gem’s War Dragons Live-Ops Team is principally responsible for building and running events in the game. To understand how the tools work, let’s go over the underlying…


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